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Hi, and thanks for visiting! Here’s where I keep things that I think of more as art experiments than games, though they might be considered that, too. Thoughts in Twine form. Feelings told through RPG Maker. That sort of thing. In other words, blogging through games.

I hope you like what you find here. If you’d like to know more about the site (or me), please visit the About page.

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Rochelle, "Gaming Pixie"

[Twine] Apocalypse Girl

This one began with a morning run in the snow on Christmas weekend. It was cold, gray and quiet; it felt like no one else was left in the world–like I was a character from a post-apocalyptic novel. So after I got home, I took that idea and, well, kept running with it.

I didn’t really know what this was about until after I started working on it. For me, this one is about loneliness. It might mean something different to others.

A Few Migrations

Hi, Everyone! I decided to move some things from my main Games site to here since I think they fit in better with Ephemera. You’ll find them posted under the Archived Games category as well as being listed with all the other games/stories. Enjoy!


Rochelle, "Gaming Pixie"

[RPG MV] Erase Me

(Gameplay Hint: If you can’t seem to move fast enough to get through a certain area, hold down the DASH button while you run. It’s Shift on the keyboard and X on a controller.)

The very first game I created was a Twine game called The Choice which deals with suicidal feelings. It was inspired partly by another game–a wonderful game–called Today I Die. I wanted the game to be helpful for sorting through those kinds of feelings, and I guess it works on some level, but it isn’t anything I would create now.

I never, ever thought I’d follow up on that game. But in a way, I have. Erase Me is actually a bit darker and, in a way, more honest. The Choice is all about a voice that’s begging you to live. This one is… less so.

But just because a game is dark doesn’t mean it’s hopeless.

Initial completion time: About 5-15 minutes.

[Twine] Someday

I created this in response to something I’ve had trouble with for a long time: setting out to work on a personal project or deal with some issue, but being too scared/anxious/generally paralyzed to actually do it. I’m guessing I’m not alone.

This little Twine exercise deals with some of the feelings I’ve had surrounding that. As a hint for playing it, things aren’t as hopeless as they look. Sometimes, doing what doesn’t work eventually pushes you to try something that does.

[Archived] Shadow of a Soul

(Original game publication date: 10/20/2013)

Oh my. Where to start with this one? I guess you’d call Shadow of a Soul an erotic horror Twine adventure(?) game with BDSM themes. I originally hosted it on my main Games site, but it doesn’t fit in there and feels bit TMI. But here? That’s no problem! So this is its new home.

I created this one because I wanted to. No other reason, really. And yes, I had fun in the process. Maybe I’ll try creating another naughty game someday. (more…)

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