About This Site

Welcome to my personal blog! It’s, well, a personal blog. Here, you’ll find my thoughts of stuff in non-Twitterfied form. As for who I am, I’ll take this bit from the network hub:

I’m female, of diminutive statue, about the same age as the Atari 2600 and, while technically functional, definitely still a bit clueless at times about being an adult. Which is fine, I guess, since almost everyone seems lost in their own way. Moreover, “Being an adult” get equated with “Stop dreaming, stop being weird and above all else, STOP HAVING FUN” too often for my liking.

I’ll also add: I’ve led a strange life that seems to keep getting stranger, whether by choice or by circumstance. I’m hoping someone will find what I share helpful or at least interesting. I also hope a “sharing habit” will help me become less closed-off.

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