[Archived] The Choice

(Original game publication date: 01/03/2013)

This was my very first attempt at making a game. I had fairly recently heard of Twine and thought it would be fun to use; I was also a big fan of the game Today I Die and wanted to try something in that vein to hopefully help other people who had had similar feelings. I don’t know if it was successful, but I do know it isn’t something I would make right now. (That would be its spiritual successor, Erase Me.) I feel like I was trying too hard.

Anyway, here it is, saved for posterity.

[Play The Choice.]


(I also saved the original text from when I first posted this in 2013. Here it is below. It’s funny for me, looking inside time capsules like this.)

My First Game

Like the title says, I made my first game. It’s called The Choice; I made it in Twine, a sort of “Build-your-own online text adventure type” thing. It’s a very nice tool for folks like me who have plenty of story ideas, but zero game development experience, so I figured I’d start off with that before really tackling something more involved. (You can find a nice beginner’s tutorial from Auntie Pixelante Here.)

The subject matter might be kind of unexpected. But the way I figure it, what’s the point of hurting if you can’t use what you’ve been through to help someone else?


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