Mental Health

[Twine] Apocalypse Girl

A rather metaphorical Twine story about loneliness and finding one’s place.

(Posted 12/26/17)

[RPG MV] Erase Me

(Gameplay Hint: If you can’t seem to move fast enough to get through a certain area, hold down the DASH button while you run. It’s Shift on the keyboard and X on a controller.) The very first game I created was a Twine game called The Choice which deals with […]

(Posted 08/30/17)

[Twine] Someday

I created this in response to something I’ve had trouble with for a long time: setting out to work on a personal project or deal with some issue, but being too scared/anxious/generally paralyzed to actually do it. I’m guessing I’m not alone. This little Twine exercise deals with some of […]

(Posted 08/22/17)

[Archived] The Choice

(Original game publication date: 01/03/2013) This was my very first attempt at making a game. I had fairly recently heard of Twine and thought it would be fun to use; I was also a big fan of the game Today I Die and wanted to try something in that vein […]

(Posted 08/12/17)

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